Day 1

  1. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this wiki and it's navigation.
  2. Watch the "Wikis in Plain English" video on the Videos page.
  3. Take the "Needs Assessment" survey on the Assessments page.
  4. Explore the Examples page to learn how other educators are implementing wikis in their learning environments.
  5. Go to the Discussion section and respond to the Day 1 discussion post.
    • Click HERE for a rubric that can be used to help you to evaluate the wikis.
    • This wiki will also be used to evaluate the wiki you create for this course.

Day 2

  1. Watch the "Wikispaces for Educators" video on the Videos page.
  2. Create a wiki and apply for educator upgrade on Wikispaces.
  3. Go through the "Wikispaces Tours." The link is on the Videos page.
  4. Go to the Discussion section and reflect on what your first steps for integration will be. (Welcome activity? Group collaboration project?)

Day 3

  1. Add content to your wiki being sure to follow the project outlines.
  2. Create a lesson plan or instructional unit for implementing the wiki into learning envirionment.
  3. Add the project wiki URL and lesson plan either in a Word document or PDF to the Submit Project page.
  4. Go to the Discussion soard and reflect on the one biggest advantage and one disadvantage/challenge that comes with integrating a wiki into a learning environment.
  5. Take the "Exit Survey" on the Assessment page.