Examples of Educational Wikis

Page to Screen - http://cgsmacbeth1.wetpaint.com/
  • Teacher from Australia's new wiki project. Has a video that he has recorded about how the wiki will be used in his classroom.

MicroBioWiki - http://microbiowiki.wetpaint.com
  • Classroom wiki for a microbiology teacher.

No More Paper - http://nomorepaper.pbwiki.com/
  • No More Paper wiki is a place where educators from K-12 can learn what is a digital equavalent of an analog lesson. For instance, if a teacher has a mind mapping lesson, that is a traditional analog lesson. They could do the exact same project in a program like Kidspiration or Inspiration. So, instead of telling teachers to add onto lessons, this site is dedicated to showing the digital equivalent of the exact same lesson. Instead of, not in addition to...that is the motto of this site!

21st Century Learning - http://21stcenturylearning.wetpaint.com/?t=anon
  • A community of educators embarking on a collaborative journey into the future of education, educational technologies and new curriculums in order to prepare our students to function in a competitive and rapidly changing global world.

Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 - http://clifmims.wetpaint.com/
  • Collaborative space for students and others with an interest in educational technology. This wiki was used as the organizational hub of our online PLN. The learners in this class designed, developed and authored an ebook full of tutorials and resources to help teachers integrate Web 2.0 technologies with teaching and learning. The students' individual contributions served as learning artifacts of their journey through the content.

ACT Prep - http://harperhigh.wetpaint.com/page/ACT+Test+Prep?t=anon
  • This is a wiki that a number of teachers in a school have put together for use by students in preparing for the ACT.

Always Learning - http://mscofino.wikispaces.com/
  • Professional blog by a technology integration specialist that teaches abroad. She shares her bio, experiences, projects, and learning with this wiki.

Additional Resources for Using Wikis in Education

Tech & Learning article - "Eight Ways to Use School Wikis"
The Journal article - "More Challenges with Wikis: 4 Ways To Move Students from Passive to Active"
SmartTeaching.org article - "50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom"

Wikis Examples in Erin's delicious account: http://delicious.com/emisegadis/wikiexample